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Attention Forum Members

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Often questions are brought up about threads being deleted or members being banned by the Moderators or Administration. We hope this thread will help those with questions to understand the process.

Deletion of threads/posts:

As a general rule we don’t delete threads w/o cause. If a posted thread starts turning controversial with negative overtones, contains images/topics/language deemed unsuitable for a family forum or becomes an argument with name calling, racial, sexual/sexual orientation issues or religious attacks we (Mods or Admin) will delete it, regardless of who the author is or the topic.

There are times where just an offending post will be deleted, but typically the more people who use that offending post in a “quote” the harder it is to just delete those single posts …. hence, the entire thread will get deleted at that point.

It should be noted that when a thread is deleted it doesn't just vanish forever. Those threads are still available for forum staff to view in their unvarnished original form.

Notification of thread/post deletion:

With the high volume of posts in each thread by all the active members it would be nearly impossible to notify each person that a thread which they had posted was deleted , or why it was deleted. If the thread has been deleted you can assume someone had posted something not allowed and the deletion was in the best interest of the entire forum.

Arguments and offensive posts:

To disagree with a viewpoint is fine, but to respond in a confrontational manner, to intentionally create negative controversy, or to single any one person out in a flaming war cannot be tolerated. Please use common sense and courtesy when responding to a thread, if you don’t have something civil to say … don’t respond and move on to another thread. If you do not like an individual add that person to your ignore list. If you feel the need to cause problems or controversy in a negative fashion we (Mods or Admin) will deal with it, up to and including banning.

When a thread or post is deleted it doesn't just vaporize. The thread and posts are still available for forum staff to view, in its original context, so the unvarnished version is maintained.


Regardless of your political/religious beliefs and views … keep them to yourself and out of this forum. Threads getting into politics pushing views one direction or the other will get sent to trash, please save your thoughts for the polls at voting time or your place of worship.

We do not enjoy deleting threads or banning members so please be courteous in your posts/threads and enjoy the benefits of being a member here.
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