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Here's a cut-and-paste from an e-mail I received-

NHTSA Campaign ID Number: 10T014
Max-Trac is recalling certain Avon Cobra AV72 motorcycles tires, size 240/50R16 84V, produced from October 11 through November 7, 2009. These tires fail to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No 119, "New Pneumatic Tires for Motor Vehicles with a GVWR of more than 4,536 kilograms (10,000 Pounds) and Motorcycles." Separation of the breaker / ply can occur resulting in early failure. Should this occur, the tread may separate from the tire casing increasing the risk of a vehicle crash. Avon Tyres will notify owners and replace the tires free of charge, including mounting and balancing. The safety recall is expected to begin during May 2010. Owners may contact Avon Tyres North America at 1-800-642-7470, Option 5. Max-Trac's recall campaign number is 153.

For more information for this particular recall, please go to 10T014.
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