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Today was AWSOME. Not a cloud in the sky, and like 60 outside. Thats awsome for Iowa in November. I'm used to snow by now.

So I went out riding with my budies... Every ride has a story to tell but this one... holy cow. Maybe I've just been off the bike too long and I think this is all major stuff but anyway heres how the day went...

Started off fine, picked up my old bike from my appartment and took it to my parents for storage. Got on my 9R and took off to meet my buddies. We headed out of town and started riding pretty hard. 3 of us were just putting along at about 70mph (we ride real hard normaly hehe) and the other 2 took off around us hell bent for breakfast. So the 2 in front of me gear down and hit the gas. One of them is riding a yellow CBR600RR. He used to race and has about $6,000 in extras into this bike. Lets just say it can move. So at about 100mph his front wheel comes off the ground. When it comes down his bike has a fit and starts wobbling all over. I thought he and my buddy next to him were dead. Luckly he knew how to ride out of it and saved it. That kind of got us worked up so we turned around and just putted around town.

Later on it was just me and my friend (2004 CBR600RR). He had just gotten a Jardine exaust and a larger front sproket put on, so he wanted to see if he could keep up with me. He told me to clutch it and take off. First time my wheel came way too far off the ground and I had to take off again. This was a great rolling start and my front tire was just floating above the ground just gradually getting a few inches higher as I rolled on more of the throttle in 1st. I didn't pay much attention to this because I do it all the time and knew when I shifted into 2nd it would go back down. So I nail 2nd gear and jump on the throttle again. At this point I'm just focusing on a straight line. After about a block I realised that about 80% of this little race I was on one wheel. It was kinda weird because you'd think I would know that I'm not perpendicular with the ground. Especially since I don't "stunt". Its not like I could get used to it.

Well, that was most of the entertainment for the night (yeah, we road a lot more but you have all riden before so I dont' need to get into the fine details) On the way home I was by myself and not really day dreaming but not really focused you know? Well I'm just putting along with one hand on the grips and all of a sudden about 50 feet in front of me (I'm going about 40mph) a mini van pulls out of a parking lot drive half way into my lane and then sees me and slams on the breaks. At the sametime I only had enough time to grab my front break with one hand. I thought I was dead or worse and my bike was totaled. My front tire locked up 2 times jumping back and fort in that short second. I narrowly missed the bumper with my right leg by inches. Lets just say I kept both hands on the grips the rest of the way home. I was shaking for about an hour after that. Lesson learned there. No more half day dreaming while putting home.

P.S. I left my friend in the dust :p

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Green Knight,

Glad you are OK....That is the thing with bikes ...in order to survive we MUST be 100% alert at all times.....Lesson learned :roll: I hope :D

I have had several close calls where I had to pull over and take a couple of deep breaths, myself.

At least you lived to tell about it :lol:

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