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Bar end weights

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Bar end weights, bar end sliders , pumping silicone into the bars...the latest cycle magazine told about shovig bb's into the hadngrips to take out the vibration...I suppose that you could remove them or even add to them after riding for a while...
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Think I read the article in Cycle World...I'm to poor right now with all the stuff going on, but I can set in Borders reading and buy a cup of coffee....

Yeah, I understand...My $1.50 Bike is a vintage 1970 "S" 250 dualsport 2 stroke...it's a handfull with the like 72 tooth rear sprocket, knobbies on the road. First and second are awesome, and third gear takes some concentration, 4th and 5th are okay unless at any time at any speed you are going around a corner...the yo need to be slow and you still leave really cool postage stamp skids on the blacktop...You want vibration...wow!

I have it running obviously...but it still needs a horn and a couple of lightbulbs (on order), before I can go register and Title the bike into my name. Everything is 6V and it has a Magneto and NO voltage regulator. Hey, it's they way things WERE back in the old days. Next it gets a petcock removed, a Muratic tank bath with water to end the rust problem an get (hopefully one last filter for a year), the carb rebuilt and the new (1970?) cable for the throtle and oil injection pump installed. Clymers is really not a great book for this. Anyway, I live to far out in the country, an dall my gravel makes it difficult to work on delicate parts...especially finding them after they roll off of the workbench in the barn...Several obsticals to overcome before I have a Kawasaki...then my work will be mostly elective not necissity...
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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