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Just for those interested, in a Senior Moment I was having, the Original Bat-cycle and the side car used in the BATMAN and ROBIN series, was a 250cc bike. the sidecar that Robincould detatch had a motor too, but I'm not sure what size. Let us have a moment of silence for the 250cc bike...IF it was good enough for Batman...okay, I'm 51, what did you/do you, expect?

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batman's bike was 1966 yamaha catalina 250cc (yds-3) and the removable sidecar
was powered by a 50cc yamaha engine - i saw the bike a few years ago in gatlinburg
tn at the ripley's museum.some time ago the very bike that was used in the tv series
and the feature movie was offered up for sale on ebay for 95k :shock: don't know if it sold[/img]

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Re: re

bikeaholic said:
. . . greatest crime fighter in the world next to superman
I'm with you, except for the "next to Superman" part. I still remember the day when my big brother told me that the Batman TV show was so stupid -- no way! A few years later I figured out that he was right. But it's a cool kind of stupid.

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dude-as cool as the caped crusader is he's no match for the man of steel
i mean comon superman can fly!!! and as fast as the batmobile is - it ain't faster than a speeding bullet-not the new superman he's gay :lol: the original one is the man!! :wink: :lol:

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Yeah, he can fly. But I remember when Superman flew around the earth faster than the speed of light so that he could make time go backwards. I think that was the last time I watched Superman, except for the gay one.

It was too much like one of those ancient Greek plays where everything gets totally messed up, then the gods come in a fix everything at the end. Or when one whole season of Dallas turned out to be a dream because the writers made it so bad that they just couldn't work their way out of that one.

Besides, Superman just doesn't carry enough stuff on his belt.

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:lol: true,true

batbelt tools:

* Bat-antidote Powder (used to recover from any form of poison)
* Bat-cillin (also called Bat-acillin, available in lozenge form to prevent infection)
* Mobile Phone Bat-plugs (enable use of a portable Bat-phone)
* Bat-gas (also called Bat-sleep, used to put people to sleep)
* Bat-awake (counteracts effects of Bat-gas)
* Anti Bat-sonic device (deflects energy beams)
* Underwater Bat-sonar Device (can be attached to tracking devices to enable them to work underwater)
* Bat-homing Devices (can be rendered ineffective by some metal alloys)
* Emergency Bat-air Pumps (used for pumping up Batmobile tires)
* Bat-respirators (used for traveling underwater)
* Remote Batcomputer (allows access to the Bat-computer's databanks from any distance)
* Bat-detector (can be set to super laugh track sensitivity)
* Bat-plugs (go in nostrils, to prevent inhalation of poisonous fumes)
* Anti Short-circuiting Brain Bat-electrodes (also known as Anti Short-circuiting Bat-brain Electrodes)
* Mini-charge (puts out 5000 Volts)
* Remote Control Batcomputer Oscillator (activates Radio Frequency Bat-generator in Batcomputer, accepts Batman's voice commands)
* Bat-melter (for locks)
* Emergency Bat-communicator (fits on jacket lapel, or disguised as cufflinks)
* Anti Eavesdrop Bat-plug (placed on telephone mouthpiece)
* Remote Batmobile Control Phase Advancer (brings Batmobile to user's current position)
* Small Echoing Seal Pulsator (tracking device for seals)
* Super-thermalized Bat-skivvies (also known as bat-thermal underwear, protect against Mr. Freeze's freeze gun)
* Batrope (used in the Bat-climb)
* Anti Radioactive Bat-pill
* Bat X-ray deflector
* Special Exploding Batarang
* Bat-cuffs
* Bat-sound Amplifier
* Trusty Bat-deflector
* Bat-fan
* Small Batcave Improvement Loan
* Empty Alphabet Soup Bat-container
* Bat-negative Ion Attractor
* Instant Unfolding Bat-costumes complete with Utility Belts (add warm water)
* Shark Repellent Bat-spray
* Heel-and-toe Bat-rockets (experimental)
* Portable Ultra-violet Bat-ray (used to set off explosions)
* Bat-geiger Counter (detects radiation and indicates which direction it's in)
* Pipe of Fog Bat-reverser
* Anti Blast Bat-powder
* Insecticide Bat-bomb
* Bat-tweezers
* Bat-shield
* Miniature Bat-communicator
* Bat-ear Plugs (block out any sound over 14,000 decibels)
* Anti Thermal Bat T-shirts (provide protection from explosions)
* Anti Lethal Fog Bat-spray
* All Purpose Bat-swatter
* Reverse Thermal Bat-lozenge
* Ice Batarang
* Ice Batrope
* Bat-tools (for picking locks)
* Bat-synchronizer (moves lips of the Bat-dummy)
* General Emergency Bat-extinguisher (can remove fog from a room)
* Batmobile Bat-tracker Device (leads the user to current position of Batmobile)
* Bat-file (for escaping from handcuffs)
* African Death Bee Antidote Pill
* Bat-brush
* Laser Bar Cutter
* Bat-hooks
* Bat-chemical (makes metal 20 times heavier)
* Anti Alvino Ray Bat-disintegrator
* Steam Neutralizing Bat-pellets
* Three-Seconds-Flat Bat-vault Combination Unscrambler
* Anti-percussion Asbestos Bat-flax
* Bat-bomb Machine (defuses bombs)
* Bat-hook (attached to suction cup, allows things to be hung on wall)
* Bat-gauge (used to search for hidden doors)
* Laser-gun (can be used to melt things)
* Special Super Thermal B Long Underwear
* Universal Drug Antidote Pill
* Anti-freeze Capsule
* Anti-mesmerizing Bat-reflector (for deflecting Mad Hatter's Super Instant Mesmerizer)
* Bat-key (though likely highly illegal, can open any door in Gotham)
* Insulated Bat-clips (for cutting electrical wires safely)
* Bat-inverser (reverses the polarity of electric currents)
* Bat-pellet (explodes on contact, releasing cloud of white smoke)
* Bat-knife (excellent for cutting bonds)
* Emergency Tank of Bat-oxygen (comes in handy when running low on air)
* Anti-Penguin-gas Pills (counters the effects of Penguin’s knock-out gas)
* Bat-magnet (compact, powerful magnet which is useful for stealing guns from villains' hands)
* Transitorized Shortwave Bat-transmitter (used for sending signals to the Batcave)
* Infra-red Eye Goggles (allow the Dynamic Duo to see in the dark)
* Bat-radio (much like a walkie-talkie)
* Adhesive Bat-bombs (small explosive devices with an adhesive which will stick to any surface. They are on a delayed detonation.)
* Particle Bat-accelerator Units (creates a anti-charge which negates the effects of Mintrel's static bolts)
* Sad pill (used to counter the effects of Egghead's sleeping gas egg; however, the dosage was a little strong, resulting in a few moments of weeping by the Dynamic Duo.)
* Plastic explosives
* Bat-antifreeze activating solution (is rubbed on skin & costumes to prevent attacks from Mr. Freeze's gun)
* Bat-compass
* Bat-nesia gas (instantly puts a person to sleep and erases their memory)
* Counter-hypnosis Bat-pellets (protect the user from any kind of hypnosis or mesmerism)
* Wayne Manor housekey (in case they get locked out accidentally)
* Bravery tablets (counteracts the effects of fear gas)

what a great thread :lol:

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The Entire Justice League is cool, but Batman is the only one that doesn't have super-powers and is just a human...Ahh...I'm afraid that my Bat-belt will be missing quite a few items...Should I on Special Occasion, like riding in the County Fair, then there would be a Belt complete with several daily conviences (cell phone, MP3 Player, digital camera, Tic-tacs...), and even a cape, for display not wearing. I figure that NASCAR has the Looney Tunes...and as long as I purchase the decals and (Trade Mark) items according to my wife (a Paralegal), I'm not infringing on any tm. So I'm living my fantasy, and will most likely use an Airteck fairing, although I'm not through looking. I still have a few places to write...yeah, I know what they say about reverting back to child hood...I just keep forgetting... 51 and still enjoying life!
Thank you "bikeaholic" for the amazing list of Bat belt tools!!!

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Batman & Superman ain't bad.

However, nobody beats the orginal Iron Man 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

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It's funny that the anti-radioactive bat pill didn't bother me, but Superman going faster than the speed of light did. But then again, I suppose fantasy doesn't have to be logical.

And now for the list of things I sometimes carry on my belt:
1. cell phone
2. flashlight
3. knife
4. tape measure
5. glasses
6. slide rule
7. other stuff hung on or stuck in occasionally
Well, okay the slide rule has been in the drawer for a while now. But still, maybe I'm Batman and I didn't even know it!

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My web belt is still green...I don't know if WE can get black ones or not...what do you think? Curt?
I have a few items that I always keep in my pocket including the "survival" dental floss. It works for just about anything. buttons won't come off, you can literally sew a big cut up, works as fishing line, dental flosss for the teeth, a magnet on the end and you can reach things that you dropped, comes in different colors......my multi-purpose McGyver knife, magnets two of them (just to play with mostly),
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