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I shut my bike down this morning and forgot to take turn it off for a while. I popped the clutch and got it going again, but now it doen't seem to want to hold a charge. Any Ideas.

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my bike did the same thing..thought i needed the stator..bought it..wanted to see if it was just a shot battery and it was..so buy a battery first..

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Kawi battery test procedure:

VN-900 battery check and test:

Use a voltmeter to check the battery voltage. If the voltage is less than 12.8V and more than 11.5V:

Terminal Voltage: 11.5 ∼ less than 12.8 V
Standard Charge 1.2 A × 5 ∼ 10 h
Quick Charge 5 A × 1 h
If possible, do not quick charge. If quick charge is
done unavoidably, do standard charge later on.
Terminal Voltage: less than 11.5 V
Charging Method 1.2 A × 20 h
○Increase the charging voltage to a maximum voltage of
25 V if the battery will not accept current initially. Charge
for no more than 5 minutes at the increased voltage then
check if the battery is drawing current. If the battery
will accept current decrease the voltage and charge by
the standard charging method described on the battery
case. If the battery will not accept current after 5 minutes,
replace the battery.

•Determine the battery condition after refresh charge.
○Determine the condition of the battery left for 30 minutes
after completion of the charge by measuring the terminal
voltage according to the table below.
Criteria Judgment:
12.8 V or higher Good
12.0 ∼ lower than 12.8 V Charge insufficient → Recharge
lower than 12.0 V Unserviceable → Replace

(Presumably, if the battery charge consistently is less than 12.8V after a freshly-charged battery has sat for 30 minutes and been repeatedly recharged the battery is bad and should be replaced. Of course the best test is one for capacity if a tester is available.)

○To ensure maximum battery life,
it is recommended the battery be load tested at
three times its amp-hour rating for 15 seconds.
Re-check voltage and if less than 12.8 V repeat the
charging cycle and load test. If still below 12.8 V the
battery is defective.
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