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We have a 99 Honda Rebel 250 here at home, I know, I know, this is a Kawasaki forum... but anyways, we're having starting / charging issues with it. After it sits a few days, it doesn't start and we have to push start it. While running, the brake light dims if the blinkers are on.

I took apart the stator and there doesn't seem to be any corrosion and the contacts are in good order. I charged up a spare battery we had and installed it. I also tightened the ground that goes to the engine block. The motorcycle started up just fine! I measured the voltage and it was reading 12.xx at idle and would shoot up to ~13.8 when I would rev it. I turned it off and tried starting it again a few minutes later and the starter solenoid would just click really fast and the engine wasn't turning over.

I checked for loose wiring and found none... I don't know what else to look for. Help?

I realize its not a Kawasaki, but its a motorcycle :p
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