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bayou 220

We just bought an 1988? 220 bayou. It is about the same story as the melted one, with out the fire part. Basically it sat around in a garage for a year or so. We paid 300 bucks for it, and it is rather good looking for being this old. Only thing is, we cant get it to start :? . Have bought a new plug, plug wire and adapter that goes from wire and attaches to spark plug. It turns over, and blubs when you pull the manuul start, but just wont crank. Today we took partially apart the carb, and cleaned what we could. It seems that the gas is coming out of the BACK of the carb, although theres gas on the plug too :?: . ANY ideas, suggestions, or help would be greatly appreciated. :D Will post pictures when we get it runnin and the plastic back on. Thanks, Juli
1 - 1 of 187 Posts
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