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Bayou 220 VIN

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Hello all!

I bought a Bayou 220 last weekend that is supposed to be a 2000 model. However I bought it with a bill of sale and a partial VIN number. I have searched this forum and many others over the last week and have come to the conclusion the VIN should be stamped on the lower left frame tube either behind the front left wheel or approx 6" in front of the left foot peg. I have literaly spent probably 5 hours looking for this number and it is no where to be found. I am convinced this quad left the factory without being stamped. I have sanded the factory finish off several places looking for it only to find nothing but bare metal. I hate to sand anymore, because of ruining the finish because it is in good shape.

Could someone please take a pic of their quad in the general location I should be looking at and post it. I am not asking anyone to show their VIN, but just the general area I should be looking in. I don't see how I could have missed it, but anything is possible.

I must locate the full VIN so I can register it and get insurance on it. If anyone would be so kind I would be grateful.

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No front diff, it is two wheel drive. That engine number I posted is what is exactly on the top right side of the motor. I have a bad feeling about this thing. Only good out of it is it starts, runs, and drives perfect. I just need to find some numbers so I can register as required by law in my state.

I can not make sense of the engine number either.
This is my first ever quad and now you can see why I am so confused trying to make sense of it all. Still worries me as to why no VIN is present. It is not like it was sanded off either, it appears as if it was never there. Just like if it left the factory without being stamped.
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