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Bayou 250 motor or 220?

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I have a 2004 250 Kawasaki bayou and an '02 220. They look virtually identical. The '04 250 had oil pump go out before I got it and it's already disassembled. I didn't get all of the parts with it (pull start and a few minor motor parts). I went ahead and bought another oil pump but then got to thinking that it may be easier to just get another motor to stick on it, since I don't know what the oil pump breaking may have done to the top end anyways. There seems to be a whole lot more 220 parts available out there than 250. I was wondering if parts from a 220 motor would fit on the 250, or if I have to, can I just put a 220 motor on the 250? Thanks!

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I bought 2 220 bayous for $100 about 2 &1/2 years ago. I was told that one had a 250 engine and the other was a 220. When I got them, they were disassembled. After a few times of looking at another one, I had mine put back together. My question is, how can I tell if mine actually is a 250. I ride with a guy that rides a 220 bayou and he can't keep up. Suggestions?
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