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I have a kawasaki bayou 300- 4x4, 1992 model year.
I have a question about the starter setup.

Are the starters like a car, whereby the sprocket pushes out of the starter, engages the flywheel, then retracts once the engine starts? Or is the sprocket constantly connected to the starter chain and spins when the motor is started? In other words, once the motor is started and idling...is the starter spinning with it?

I'm asking, as just did an overhaul and changed a lot of the internal components....and I'm stuck with the starter-sprocket assembly. I bought a manual, but it says nothing about the sprocket or the torque limiter on the sprocket. I took the torque limiter apart, and found parts missing inside (No, I'm not the original owner- so I'm assuming someone took it apart and lost the pieces.)

Does anyone have a clue as to how the starter assembly works?
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