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It's real easy.. I just marinate the bird in a bit of lemon juice, some Tapatio Sauce ( it's a mexican hot sauce ) and some black pepper. You can marinate with your favorite sauces as you like.

Use a big Fosters Oil Can ( I drink the Fosters and fill the can with a lower quality beer ) and put a couple Jalapeno slices in the beer.. When your ready to put them on the grill just shove the can up the birds ass ( I'm sure you know how to do that).

If I am only cooking 2 birds I just light one side of the grill and place the birds on the other side . Keep the lid closed and turn 1/4 about every 1/2 hour. If I am cooking 4 birds I place foil across the grill where the birds will be to kind of deflect some of the heat.

Basically it's indirect heat for 2 hours. turn as needed to keep from burning . Watch out for flare ups once the beer starts to boil.

Cajun spices outside and in. Stick a piece of Rosemary(the spice) in the 1/2 can of beer and blaze away.
Cajun would be good.. I tried a rub once but it seamed to burn a bit. Lemon juice does a good job of breaking down the meat and allowing the marinade to be absorbed.

I use the Fosters Cans so I do not have a problem with them turning over. You do have to talk dirty to the chicken in order to make it fit
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