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Almost hit 60 degrees today in Colorado Springs. Time for an epic schedule.

10am: Rode (900 Custom) my usual "long way to work" ride...only an extra 15 minutes or so...but it was great being able to ride without 7 layers of clothing. Got a new helmet too. $50 Jimmy. Better "audio" with this one and afaict better aerodynamics too.

Finished up at work and decided to make a cross-town trip on the old highway (bypassing the freeway) through downtown from the Northeast side to the Southwest side. There's a Ducati dealer down there. Asked to test a 2008 GT1000 (silver). Still thinking about buying one.

Dealer and I ride up Ute Pass through the twisties almost all the way to Pikes Peak. GT1000 is AWESOME. At first I was lugging it in too high of a gear but I quickly corrected myself and soon I was doing 6000-7000 RPM's in 3rd gear which was pretty close to 80MPH at times. Wow.

Rode the Ducati Multistrada back down the pass. Didn't really care for the Multistrada but it was nice to be able to test one plus I could view the GT1000 from a distance for that "third person" effect. Now I know how cool I would look on one. LOL. Except the salesman is about 29 years old (I'm 40) and he's about 40 lbs. lighter than me. Ha!

Told the dealer that if I for some weird reason do not take to the "new to me" ZRX in the coming months that I would ask him to find me a red GT1000 (gotta be red if its a Ducati...right?) and he understood. I don't mean that flippantly...he was very generous to let me test ride that GT1000. Had 1 mile on the odo.

Made my way back through town to pick up the wife for our first ever "2 up". She absolutely loved it. And you know what that means...that's right...easier to justify future purchases!

Epic day. Thought about you guys while it was happening. 8)

Thanks for reading!
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