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Best polish and/or wax?

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Hello, I'm ready to give my new 1500 Classic its first cleaning and polishing. I typically use TurtleWax Finish 2001 for my car, works real nice (easy on & off application, long lasting results) & was planning to use same for my motorcycle's tank & fenders. Is this product safe for motorcycles (it says safe for all clear coat surfaces), or do you guys recommend other wax's such as carnauba, etc? I guess Finish 2001 is polymer based while Carnauba is natural. Any input on the best product to use would be welcome, thanks!
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i use meguiar's waxes and polishes-they make both carnuba and synthetic waxes
have used it for years on cars and bikes-works great :wink:
I'm stickin' by my guns on this one..... :lol:

Aero Cosmetics is the brand.
Wash Wax ALL is the product name.
water based, petroleumfree, clear coat safe, non-abrasive, non-corrosive
cleans and protects all surfaces and windows
wet or dry

It's all you'll ever need, IMHO. :wink:
I use Collinite Super Doublecoat Auto wax on my bike. Mainly because it is durable and lasts a long time.Well, also because it's a local company that makes it, so I can go to the outlet store and get it cheaper than ordering it online.

Thanks for the input folks.
x-wing, i didn't realize that the "Wash Wax ALL" was a complete care package, i thought it was more like a cleaner rather than a wax/polish or protectant. i was hoping to get something more readily available from a regular automotive type store, i've only been able to find your product in mailorder. i'll probably stick to the turtle wax & save some money :)
also, for you cruiser folks out there with floorboards, do you have problems rubbing your shoes on the exhaust heat shield, esp right side while braking? i've already melted the rubber on my shoes a little each time i ride & have had to clean the pipes off, its a pain. luckily so far everything comes off. i'm trying to be more careful when i ride so as to avoid touching the chrome parts with my boots but since i'm still getting used to the bike its gonna take time.
thanks, & safe riding!!
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^^^^^^^^ :lol: :lol: -you got dem big feets like me :lol:

yep,mine rubs too-i think if the boards were about 1" farther out i'd stop buying so much oven cleaner :roll:
koboko said:
Hello, I'm ready to give my new 1500 Classic its first cleaning and polishing.
For the waxing you might try EagleOne "Nano Wax". I just did my new ride with it and it works great. For $10 you get applicator, microfiber towel, and enough wax to do your 1500 5-6 times. I think it works great. Easy on, easy off. They claim it fills scratches and swirls and lasts 3 months. No swirls when I was done. Like Glass. Time will tell on the longevity. If you hurry there is a rebate for the cost of the product, so it's free if you wait a few months to get the rebate.


For between waxing, try Protect All. It polishes or cleans anything, including plastic and vinyl. Has UV protectant. Good quick clean up. About $8-9. A bottle lasts a long time.


I know a guy who swears by Hondaline polish. I can't say.

The good news is that both the ones I mentioned are at Wal Mart. The Eagle One you should be able to get at an auto store. I got mine at Pep Boys, but have seen it at Auto Zone.

Happy Polishing
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and to confuse you even further,if you really want to show it off use this:
but your gonna have to work for it :lol:


Try Zaino, www.zainobros.com. I use it on my Vette and my Vulcan 2000. There is nothing better.
I have heard many positive comments regarding the performance of Zaino. I have never purchased any, but I think I may give it a try.
I use Proshine waterless wash and wax. Workes great and keeps the bugs from sticking to the bike. If you would like some I sell it.
Happy Zaino user

5 coats of Zaino, just got bike last month

many coats since 1998

2 coats, just got truck last Saturday[/img]
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yup- its the shiznit :wink: works particularlly well on F-bodies right grunt?

It works well on everything bikeaholic. I started using it on the fbody and now use it on all my vehicles.
How long does the Zaino last as compared to other waxes?
The Best Polish..

There is a place out here, called Fluky's, that has the best Polish Sausages.. Vienna Makes great one's too.



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