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Best Saddlebags for Mean Streak

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:?: Just bought a blue 2004 Mean Streak. Love it. Got the Kawasaki wind shield too.

I'm looking for a good suggestion on saddlebags. I'd like to try my best to maintain the sporty look and avoid giant bags with fringe, studs, etc. Like to get hard mounted bags as opposed to throw-over.

Any Mean Streak owners have some suggestions on bags?

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check out big joes leather.com at daytona beach.he might nhave something you would want :)
saddle bags

I put a set of hard National Cycle bags on my Vulcan 4 years ago. They work great with one very slight problem...when it rains real hard overnight a few drops of water enter directly through the top mounted key opening. Other then that no problems.
best bags for meanie

Kawasaki makes a bag for them that I've had for a while. They are small but better than nothing.
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