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Big Bend Pics

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Here's a link to our slideshow of my Wife's and My trip to Big Bend Texas in Sept.....

Picasa Web Albums - Lannes - Big Bend 2007...

Just hit the slide show button....
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Very Nice. You guys and your bikes look great.

Nice scenery, and I love Tammy's Tattoo. Thanks for sharing. :D
September? Have you looked at a calender lately.:) Thanks for the pics. Looks like you had a great time
Great pics.
Been all over Texas and still haven't seen Big Bend. Now I'm asking myself, "why haven't I!?"
Isn't it referred to as "The Grand Canyon of Texas"?

Thanks for sharing!
Looks like it was a great trip. Thanks for sharing!

Nice trip and pics! Thanks!
Wow. What great pics. Must have had a wonderful time. I like the tatoo.
Great post, man. Nice pics.

The Warden's been promising me a trip to BB for years. Maybe I'll get there some day.
GREAT pics! That looks like such a great trip. I love Texas.
Great pictures!! I will be going to big bend in March 2009 with my riding club, these pictures make me wish it was March!!!
Great pics you guys! I wish it was summer now, I have two 1,800 mile trips planned, and I'm getting pumped. Looks like you had a great time. Nice bikes and pics. Thanks for sharing...
awesome trip, thanks for sharing
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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