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Rode with it today at ~35*, fantastic, didn't even wear my insulated boots, feet dry and stayed warm-ish (rode >40 miles) the whole time. I believe that "pocket" of still air it creates is the key, also because it is one-piece, it reduced even more the little bit of turbulence I had at chest/head level. All around a great investment.
Only problem I've experienced was putting them on in the cold...a little challenging to get it stretched tight, but once hooked, done and secure. The velco is industrial and there's lots of it, so there's no flap in the chap at all, even at extended highway speeds.
It sounds like a good way to stop the cold.

In the picture another member posted it looks like there is an open spot in front of the radiator...is that correct? It would make sense to allow the radiator to keep it's cooling ability.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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