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Biggest tires on a vulcan 800

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Just wanted to know what is the biggest sized tires i can put on my 99 kaw vn800 vulcan??
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biggest is a 160 on the stock wheel (but that's really too big if you go by mfg's suggestions)

i run a 150 on mine and it does look better than the 140 -but i felt the 160 was overkill
thanks, what brand and model tire's do you prefer...just curious as this is my first streetbike.. I am a fair weather rider who loves to go to fast!!!
i put larger tires on my meanstreak and actually didn't gain anything, just a little widder than stock on stock rim. when it is time for new tires I'm going back with stock size. I think now that the engineers designed these bikes with a certain tire size for a reason.
I'm running Dunlop 208's

i agree with vapor-i'll go back to stock next time - there is really no advantage other than look

metzler and michelin are my 2 favorites for my type of riding :wink:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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