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First off im very new to this site... I have a 78 kz750 that I've only had for a month or so. It took me forever to get it started, as it had been sitting for a winter. After I did get it started, it ran ok, carbs a bit out of tune, but it runs. Then the other day I was out riding, stoped for a bit, and it wouldnt start. I tried the choke, with out the choke etc. About 15 min. later it started right up and ran fine. Then today it did the same thing only it took about an hour to get it goin.
Now, I think it may just be the starter (or something close to it). When I hit the starter it just spins and makes a loud noise like its not catching. I pulled that cover off and all the teeth were on both sprockets and the chain was fine too, so I know they are both spinning.
Im very confused here, and really need some help.
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