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Bike Modifications

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Hi guys,

I'm a beginner buying a bike next week.

Just need some input on what modifications i should make to a bike in the near future. I understand car mods, but i don't know the performance difference with bikes and what to expect.

Any recommendations on what mods i should do and performance it will achieve. Im riding a 250 zx2r.

p.s. i really want a great exhaust note too (doesn't everyone)

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Most people out the gate are looking for engine improvements or exhaust note. Two areas that are typically neglected are the suspension (forks and shock) and your braking system.

I would ride the bike and just enjoy it, but if you want to dump the exhaust you can always sell the stock pipes and recoup some of your money out the gate.

Depending on how much you weigh the front forks are pitiful and need a great improvement with race-tech custom springs and valves or a simple progressive spring upgrade. The rear shock can be done with a Works Performance or Penske shock unless you feel like finding a Ninja 600 shock and make it fit.

OEM suggest that you change your brakelines after 2 years, but for the $100 it is well spent to improve your brakes with stainless steel brakelines and a better brake pad.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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