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Bike Oil vs Car Oil...

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Yeah, yeah, I KNOW what the issues are – the wet clutch, the transmission etc etc – but does anybody have experience with extended use of (decent) car oil in their bike? The situation here is that a decent “Bike Oil” is three or more times the price of a decent car oil. (I like Mobil products because of the excellent detergent properties.) If I compare Mobil 4T Semi-Synth 4 stroke Motorcycle Oil with Mobil Super S Semi-Synth Oil. The Super S is API-SJ (on a par with Mobil 1 !) while 4T is SF or SG (can't remember which). Those are OLD specs that you might only see on cheap no-name car oils! WTF?! I like to change the oil regularly, making the price of the bike oil a big issue…
Let me know what your opinion or experience is (and please say if it is an opinion or experience – thanx)

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Very interesting artical. Thank you.
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