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Bike Oil vs Car Oil...

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Yeah, yeah, I KNOW what the issues are – the wet clutch, the transmission etc etc – but does anybody have experience with extended use of (decent) car oil in their bike? The situation here is that a decent “Bike Oil” is three or more times the price of a decent car oil. (I like Mobil products because of the excellent detergent properties.) If I compare Mobil 4T Semi-Synth 4 stroke Motorcycle Oil with Mobil Super S Semi-Synth Oil. The Super S is API-SJ (on a par with Mobil 1 !) while 4T is SF or SG (can't remember which). Those are OLD specs that you might only see on cheap no-name car oils! WTF?! I like to change the oil regularly, making the price of the bike oil a big issue…
Let me know what your opinion or experience is (and please say if it is an opinion or experience – thanx)

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1Adam12, very interesting read.

But dude, one word: paragraphs.
Looks great!
I use Redline exclusively in my 350Z, because I race it (autocross and track days). Redline is in a similar class as Amsoil, i.e. the next level above Mobil 1. If I'm putting 200 miles on the track with my car, the engine pretty much screaming between 4000 and 6700 RPM the entire time (oh what an excellent sound!), I want some serious engine protection. I have not been disappointed with Redline.

I'm seriously debating whether to start pouring the Redline into my bike as well. This thread has pretty much convinced me that there isn't any special magical property motorcycle oil has that a very high-end car oil doesn't. My only concern would be problems with the clutch. Does anyone have anymore information on that issue?
I LOVE my Z. It's perfect for the track. It's extremely well balanced and easy to control. They definitely spent a lot of track time while putting it together.

Even stock it handles pretty **** well, but it understeers a bit, to keep the weekend warriors from putting their cars in the ditch. I replaced the sway bars, put on Koni shocks and new springs. The handling now is exceptional. I don't think this car gives up anything to the Vettes in handling, even though it's not as powerful in the engine department. Even still, it has a really nice flat torque curve, and loves digging out of tight corners.

I usually drive my street tires on the track, but when I autocross I have a set of Hoosiers. This car is amazing with race rubber on it. I find myself doing stuff that my brain says shouldn't be possible, like full-throttle into offsets, bouncing off the rev limiter before the exit, near full throttle into long sweepers, etc. It's a helluva lot of fun. My bike is going to be hard pressed to exceed that fun quotient when I get it on the track next summer. :)

I have never seen a broken control arm. Is he doing something exceptionally hard on the car? Is he not being smooth? It's all about smooth if you want to be fast.

Yes, brakes are probably the biggest liability on this car. They work fine for street and autocross, but on the track, more brakes are needed. But that's often the case with almost every car. A set of Stoptechs fixes that real nicely. :)
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