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bikeaholic's ride

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its the vulcan 800 classic in my sig. - it was a new leftover at the dealer so he was anxious to unload it - i stole this one so it was too good to pass up :p - i 've added a mustang solo seat with bib and vance/hines pipes with a rejet and modded intake :twisted:
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:oops: its the vulcan 800 classic in my sig. :oops:

Did you do the mods right away or can you give us an idea of the difference between stock and modified. Did it get dyno'd ?, if so would be great to post a copy.

This site is new but is growing.

Enjoy the bike and enjoy the site.

great looking site :wink: as word gets around i'm sure you'll have your hands full :lol:
yes there was an instint gain in the low to mid power band on the 800-even just drilling 1/4"
holes in the factory baffles made a difference which i did at first.these bikes tend to get a little carbon build up on #2 cylinder sometimes if left stock and they sound like a 4 wheeler under water too :lol: but the new pipes are awesome,it will lean it out a tad but not bad.i rode it stock till after the 500mile service then made the changes- i would recommend the change to anyone with a late model vulcan-has made me very happy with performance and exhaust note :D next mod will prolly be converting from chain to belt drive :twisted: now the sporty-that's a whole different story :lol: no dyno yet but planned-i was hoping to get some tips from other owners about the quirks on these 800's but so far since its a kawi there hasn't been any :lol: i've got a 12.5hp kawi pressure lubed engine on my john deere riding mower that's 15years old with no trouble at all - that pretty much sums up the reliability issue :lol:
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WHAT site??
RWJC said:
WHAT site??
this site

both bikeaholic and uncle bob were among the original members here and have moved on...but not forgotten

this thread is years old
Uncle Bob's avatar has a striking resemblance to Hugh Hefner. I bet that monkey gets lots of tail ...
Quite the ressurection!!!
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