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Bikers Choice Skid lid new/cheap

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Worn once literally, excellent condition, size medium, matte black. i cut about 1 inch off the strap to use my quick release buckle but its not too short that you cant still use the strap alone. im asking $30.00, shipping included to the states. Reason im selling is this is just not my style. i prefer a visored helmet and you cant add one on to this helmet.

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How much would shipping be to Ontario Canada ?
Sorry, i would only ship to the states. I dont even know.

edit: if you really want me to find out i will, i just think it might not be worth the price to you unless of course this is something you cant get by you which i doubt.......? let me know, thanks
My head size is 23" so according to the chart for a skid lid, a medium is between 22½" and 23¼", so I guess it would fit me. So ever you decide you can ship to Canada like Rich suggested, let me know the cost of shipping and I'll let you know if it's worth it or not. That or I could give you an address in New York State where you could ship it and I could go pick it up this summer. It would give me an excuse to go for a ride to the States this summer, which is only about 2 hours away from here. That way I wouldn't have to pay shipping if I read your ad properly. Up to you.
If you have the option for me to ship it to the states thats great. But if i ship it within a week you're going to wait until summer to get it? Is that alright with you? Just trying to do the easiest thing here. Thanks.
Sorry but someone already paypal'ed me the money for the helmet so its sold.
Thanks for the interest though. Have a great new year.

1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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