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Birds...some hurt some don't

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I had my first bird strike last night while I was on my way up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I just got past Solitude (the resort) cruising at about 60mph when I noticed someting out of the corner of my eye. Luckily what I saw must have also seen me and made an adjustment. He made a quick adjustment that put him angled with my direction of travel. Also in my good fortune he was small and not carrying too much mass. It was a quick thump to the abs and then to the leg. I can only assume he flew off since I didn't see him on the way back. I hadn't put on my jacket yet since it was still in the mid 80's at 9pm in the valley, but down to the upper 50's in the mountains. I'd heard horror stories of humming birds sticking in your chest at hwy speeds. Anybody else had a negative experience with an avian on the hwy?
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First, glad you made it through it. I had a waterfowl enter the roadway from the highway side river I was following. It turned to go the same direction I was heading but at 60 mph, it had no chance to outrun me. Anyway, it tried several times to get out of my way before running its backside onto the toes of my right boot, leaving a very nasty white stripe. Anyway, I saw it rolling on the road behind me before I flew off, no harm no fowl....ha ha :D
speaking of bugs & the south, I don't even know how one can get out & ride when those pesky love bugs are out & about. :x
I know they can get thick. Once, while driving my truck from Morgan City to New Orleans (70 miles maybe), I had to stop twice at carwashes so that I could spray off the window so that I could see :evil:
Thats a good tip for those of you still in the Love-Bug Corridore. We don't have them uphere in the left corner of the country, thank goodness for that too. I do know that if given the chance to set on the paint, their guts will eat into the paint and ruin the front of your car! That I learned from experience, fortunatley, it was only a '76 chevy vega so nothing really important got ruined.
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