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this bike is mint never dropped with less then 200 miles on it..

the only upgrade on it is a IXIL underseat exhaust on it.. that was just installed yesterday and has no miles on it.. and was only ran for about 1min with it on.. i still have to install the rear turn sigs but will be on soon.. i will have pictures soon as soon as the weather breaks enought to pull it out to take a few..

bike is mint i have had it for about 1 month and now must sell.. after buying it it seems its hard to balance a family and time to ride so it causes arguments and the bike has to go.. its my desicion to sell to save my family..

i would like to get 9,000.00 so i don;t take much of a bath on it.. but will settle for 8,500.00 since thats all i owe throught kawasaki.. they hold the title so araingment will have to be made..

thanks for read and hopefuly someone buys and gets a great bike..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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