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BLUE AXIO Tekno Hardpack Backpack >>SOLD<< :D

I have a BRAND NEW BLUE AXIO Tekno Hardpack Backpack for sale. This backpack is awesome, specially if you have a blue motorcycle, not a green one like mine! :?

I have never used it, it's brand new with tags. No scratches, marks, nothing, it's brand spankin new!! If you have never seen an AXIO backpack you can get more information from the AXIO website at: http://www.axio-usa.com/html/p3.html

I bought this backpack a couple of weeks ago, then I noticed (OK, OK my wife pointed it out!) that it didn't match anything I had! So I bought an AXIO Swift/Chicane in Carbon Fiber instead. :D

The best price I could find on the internet for this backpack is $130 plus shipping, therefore if you want a brand spankin new inexpensive AXIO Tekno Hardpack! This is the one for you!! It comes with a black cloth Axio storage bag for the backpack.

If you're interested let me know.
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