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Breaking in an engine

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Hey, i was wanting to ask about breaking in an engine. I've heard of some people breaking it in by the book, and everything. Then i've heard of others who didn't. What damage does it cause by breaking it in wrong?[/b]
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Re: wearing in or breaking in an engine

Huey said:
It would really be interesting to have a couple of stock bikes to test in both methods and to break them down at set intervals to view the interior of the engine, pistons, rods, bearings and all for comparrison. It would be nice to have them both dyno tested in the same manner, at set intervals, to see just what the actual power curve is as well. And finally a break down of the engine at a set interval well after the wear-in period to see what the engines of both bikes really look like at this point. Guess it is a pipe dream to think someone would do this in a sort of scientific manner, but nice to hope someone does at some point in time.
I would love to see that study. It would be even better if it included 10 bikes, five for each break-in method. Then you could create some statisitical probabilities that the differences were caused by the break-in methods.

In reality, I doubt that hard or easy break-in makes much difference to modern engines; some difference, yes, but not as much as in the old days. Being an old fashioned and conservative guy, I will advise the Kawasaki method until I see proof that another method is stastically better.
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