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Broken Warn Winch Cable Wrapped Totally Stuck

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Well anyone that can help I would sure appreciate it. I have a 3010 D mule with a warn winch that I use to plow with. I snapped the cable today the N-Easter took its toll. I can repair the cable and winch no problem, but...

The cable snapped back and wound itself into the winch and cannot get the cable out and with a lot of effort just can't get it out. Not a lot of options for me except to take off the brush guard take off the winch etc, and try to detaggle it. And if I can't fix it man it is a major cost. Even if I get the winch out I am not sure I can de-taggle the end piece out.

If anyone has any good thoughts on this I would sure appreciate it. On a good note I was able to plow here in Upstate NY with it broke, although got really stuck a few times and the truck pulled me out no problem. All I need is the end and I can fix it... Have some family coming up and need to keep plowing.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all - thank you very much...
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I have had the same thing happen when pulling the Mule out of a canyon with a couple of bull Elk in the bed and I snagged a tree stump with the rear hitch. It is a pain, but remove the winch and then use heavy leather gloves and a big pair of pliers, a hammer, and a chisel to knock the wound in end out of the loop. Then just pull and unwind the cable, and watch your eyes - they like to fling loose at the most inopportune times. A little oil always helps the cable slip out of the locks it will have achieved when it snapped back in.

If you are handy with a thimble, you can untwist the unbroken end of the cable and make a new loop to connect to your hook, and you will be in business in short order.
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