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Burning Electronics Smell on 900 after a 2 Hour Highway Ride

I was on the highway for 2 hours at 80 MPH and when I got off the highway, I could smell a burning electronics smell from my bike. I wasn't so sure it was my bike or not, but when I got to my destination, it still smelled like burning electronics.

I let my bike sit for 6 hours... (I was at a Theme Park)

There was no more burning smell when I got back to my bike in the parking lot 6 hours alter. I went back on the highway for 2 hours at 80 MPH. I got home... no smell still.

The burning electronics smell was only at the end of my first 2 hour highway ride.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Man, I have noticed this on my 900. Last time I noticed this, my headlight stopped working. Found out that the electrical connection from the bucket to main harness was loose. I think it may have something to do with my risers. Maybe the power was arcing in the loose connector and heated the plastic.
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