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Buzzy fairing

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Hello everyone. I own a few bikes , but just bought my first Kawasaki. It's a 1998 KZ1000P. I love it. The only annoying thing is the fairing has a buzz at most common street RPMs. Is there a fix for this? Thanks, LWT
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We have waaaaaayyy too many opinions on oil. I like to joke (sort of) that asking about what oil to use is akin to starting another oil war. People can get very emotional about oil for some strange reason and the debate can become heated.

My suggestion is to start with your owner's manual and branch out from there if you feel comfortable doing so. There is a reason why tribology engineers exist. Lubrication is a very complex topic.

And without further ado, let's cue up the oil wars. 馃榿
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We not seen LWT here for quite some time, so you may not get a quick response from him.

However, have you tried following Kawasakian's suggestions in post #2?
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