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Need help with my bros 89' ex500! This page is very nice btw! :) Anyways i bought a clean frame with a title and an engine off this guy for i think twenty dollars. Then went to TENN to get a parts bike. Well after a month or two i have the engine in, wiring etc. Now when i go to start it the starter will kick over the engine once or twice then the chain will seem to disengage the crankshaft and spin. If i crank the engine over manually a couple times it will catch again with the starter button. Is there somekind of clutch on the starter or the crank that would disengage like this? Also I put in plugs in it and sprayed just a tad bit of starter spray in the intake, and it backfired out of the intake. Any help would be awesome, ive got the manual right in front of me and can't seem to find anything. Thanks guys!
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