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After reading loads of pages in this great forum I have noticed that alot of guys seem to either just buy a donor engine or trade off their old steed when the mileage gets really high. Which I might say congrats to all you guys who get to ride into the 50k mileage. Anyway there has been threads where guys have said that the shops are charging 20 plus hours for a rebuild plus parts which seems to make it not cost effective to do a rebuild. I would be glad to do your overhauls for you. Just remove your engine and send it to me with a new set of pistons,rings,and gaskets and I will rebuild your engine and send it back within 2 days of recieving it. I am estimating the cost of the work to be 150-200 bux plus whatever you had in parts,which above mentioned parts shouldnt be more than a couple hundred dollars. I am an AMI graduate and have 10+ yrs experience. Email [email protected] if you guys ever need any work done. As much as some of you guys ride I am sure the quick turnaround will be a welcome thought as opposed to being thrown in line just to be beaten on labor. Ride On
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