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Cam chain tensioner
How do you tell if it needs replacing?
Should the surface of the tensioner be flat to start with?
Or have a groove to stop any side ways movement of the chain
Sounds like a daft question but as I’ve got nothing to compare
Mine with

I used to be a two-stroke man make that lad had a Yamaha RD125LC so all these cams valves chains take some getting used to
:?: :D

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Various reasons to replace the cam chain tensioner.

If it has reached the end of it's adjustment.
If it has given up internally.
The surface should be flat as this contacts the chain guide not the actual chain.

What makes you think it might need replacing or are you only curious ?

What Model and how many miles / kms ?

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Bike is a 1989 GPX600R (ZX600C)
With 20,000 on the clock but I have my doubts that this is the correct mileage
The motor was rattling at tick over it sounded like the primary chain had given up the ghost
So I decided to strip the motor to replace it.
But once I got the head of all the valves kneed lapping in again and the previous owner who was not
A fan of getting his fingers dirty had cross-threaded a spark plug what a **** so that’s something else I’ve hade to sort out.
On split the case what I thought was noise coming from the primary chain turns out to be the cam chain
Witch is trying to jump of the cam chain sprockets cos its stretched.
The reason I asked was cos the front guide just comes straight out but you have to get the cylinder barrel of to get at the bolts to get the tensioner out
Now do I replace the lot and be done with it or just replace the chain ?
see attachment front chain guide ?
Fozy :D :D
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