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Ninja 500Racing

Heck, YES! http://www.brgracing.com/ Used to have a specialized section for just Kawasaki 500R's. YOu can do justabout anything you want to do if you are just Street Racing...but if you are track racing then of course you have to be very strict with every part and such. Gear changes for each track setup, different tires, spare tires, brakes, racing you have to lose all the glass. remove turn signals...headlight....etc...but just for street the 500 can be built to the hilt. they have cams, exhaust systems, they can raise the compression ratio, use racing components aht are stronger and ballanced...full race fairings w/PIAA headlights to make it road legal...all sorts of things...You can get real deep into your pocket if you wanted to...the best place to race is of course on the track. on the street yo ucan use anything and it's usually the guy with the most money in his machine that will win! Not always true in racing at the track. Stidky tires are only part of the equasion. Brakes, riding skills...you can outride lots of people just by taking some basic racing classes and reading lots of books. I learned by following several amateur racers on full race 125 Yamaha GP bikes back in the early 1970's. Then taking a Russell Kart racing School in California. There is much to learn about braking, multiple apex's series of corners and attitude when racing. Street racing belongs to the kids that DON'T know Better! I WAS one of them, and somehow survived long enough to be here today. I've laid a bike down on hte track at 90MPH and not even felt any transition except when my body started slowing down faster than the bike did at first...it just kept getting lower in the corner, deeper aand deeper till more thtan just my peg was scrapping hte ground...didn't hurt me or the bike in any way. I still won my heat. Anyway, yes, you can build a 500R! It doesn't even have to be loud when you are ready to race it either...you will be surprised...-
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