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Can anyone give me info on a 70's kaw dirtbike?

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it was a 72 model i think
A 100cc trailboss10
It had 10 gears 5 offroad 5 onroad
you switched them on a lever at the rear of the left side.

I cant find any info on them
I had one a long time ago, and wouldnt mind having one again
They were small, only 100cc but very durable
more of an enduro bike than dirt i guess
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thats crazy, ive never heard of one but i will look into it.
merlin, i saw something that sounded like that in the local paper. it was a late 70s kaw 100 street/trail. said it had hi/low tranny or something along those lines. no title, i think they were asking 150 for it. if your interested i can get you the number or give them a call. i am in lower virginia. about 4hrs south of DC.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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