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Can someone Help me with tank bib???

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I bought a tank bib not to long ago and would like some help installing it.

Can someone help me out and give me instructions???????

THank You!
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I don't know if the steps for a 900 Custom will be exactly the same as a Mean Streak, but the instructions that came with mine go like this:

1) Remove the seat.
2) Remove the chrome gas cap/idiot light/ignition surround. There's one hex head bolt at the rear of the surround. A light pull and it's free.
3) Cut out the "leather" between the seams on the top of the bib (approx. 2" wide). This will allow the two ears to tuck under the wires in front of the surround.
4) Remove the rear tank bolt (under front edge of seat) & replace while inserting the bolt through the slit at the bottom of the bib.
5) Pull bib tight toward the headlight and then replace the chrome surround. Try to get both sides even along the edges of the surround. This was the most difficult part, because the extra thickness of the bib made the realigning of the surround rather difficult. Keep at it.
6) Remount the seat.

The surround didn't tightly clamp down on the bib, so I was able to "fine tune" the fit after replacing everything. Good luck!
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