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carb id help!!

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i have a 1979 kawasaki kd100 and it runs a little lean, i want to get a carb kit and rebuild it but cant find one!
the marking on the side of carb say mikuni 277 e1
i looked and cant find anything like it!
is this the original carb for this bike? i cant seem to find what came on it stock.
help finding any parts for this old bike will help alot,

thanks steve
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Changing to premix will lean the mixture because the oil is thicker than gas. Increase the main jet 1 or 2 sizes and raise the needle 1 notch ( move the clip down 1 notch on the needle ).
If the gas line is leaking, it will leak gas out not air in. The carb cover will not cause it to run lean.

You are right an air leak will cause it to run lean. It has to be an air leak into the crankcase or carb mount. It could be a crank seal, cylinder base gasket, carb mount.

Did you unhook the oil injection or remove it? If you removed it, did you plug the oil holes into the engine?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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