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carb id help!!

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i have a 1979 kawasaki kd100 and it runs a little lean, i want to get a carb kit and rebuild it but cant find one!
the marking on the side of carb say mikuni 277 e1
i looked and cant find anything like it!
is this the original carb for this bike? i cant seem to find what came on it stock.
help finding any parts for this old bike will help alot,

thanks steve
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I don't know the specific markings on the KD100 carb, but mikuni should be right. If it's lean, then give it more fuel. Your carb is most likely a 19mm. Your standard set up should be:

Main jet: 77.5
Pilot jet: 17.5
Jet needle: 4EJ7
Jet needle: O-2 (probably)
Valve throttle cut away: 2.0
Air screw 1 1/4 turn out

And be careful with the aftermarket carb kits. They're only good for gaskets and maybe the float valve. DO NOT throw away the original jets and needle. The aftermarket jets are often not accurate enough (even though they look the same) and can give you more headache than you had before you put them in. If you find a genuine Kawasaki KD/KM rebuild kit you're ok.

Make sure the carb cap rubber is fresh with no leaks and that your float height is correct.
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24mm doesn't sound too bad.
My bad.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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