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I have a 84 zn 1100 b-1 an am rebuilding my carbs .
dissambling is not a problem but in order to soke the carbs i have to remove all rubber an plastic parts .I think that i can get all the parts but the air idle screw because they are us models an are fixed with a lead plug but they have a rubber o ring is it a problem to leave this in???

also any sercrets on how to remove the pilot jet if the head is stripped
is drilling advised or is there a easyout tool or just give it to someone
at a shop
all advise would be helpful.This is not the first time i have worked on bikes but if you have you know carbs are very finicky if not done right.

new guy, fenny777
p.s. thanks uncle bob . i am calling beartooth on mon to see about the diaphragms .
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