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Carb setting and point specs for 1979 KZ750 LTD twin.

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Bought it from a buddy who bought it but never messed with it until i bought it from him. would't fire, he cleaned points, but not sure if they are set correct. would only run on 1 cylinder, took other carb off and float was siezed closed. He cleaned both carbs put them on I brought it home and it runs..but at low idle it misses, as soon as I get into the throttle both cylinders come to life. I cruised it up and down the alley a few times and it seems to have lots of Jam going through the gears. Just at low idle that **** miss, it wont idle without assistance on the throttle.(unless I turn the idle screw up/in).

I have not checked the compression yet, I will I just forgot to take my compression tester over to my bro's (its actually at his place).

Anyways I was wondering if anyone can give me any pointers or the settings for carbs and points. Also am having trouble finding service manual for this model.

Thanks to all!
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got a question is there a way to adjust the carbs on the 82 csr kz750m1 twin and what is the procidsure for adjusting valves and timing chain and what is the valve lash thanks for any help
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