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Hi all,

I've a '92 GPZ500, standard bits (no mods), about 50,000km.
I think I'm having carb trouble. Had it serviced recently and since then it doesn't seem to run right.

At idle, if I blip the throttle, the engine dies a little and then recovers.
Also, it won't rev above 7000rpm and seems to takes ages to get there.
It revs fine otherwise, as I normally drive between 3000 & 6000rpm, mostly commuter traffic.

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone knows the correct jet positions and settings for the bike.

I seem to have fixed the idle problem by adjusting the pilot jets as mentioned in:
but would like to give the carbs a full overhaul at this stage.

Any ideas?

PS. I've posted this message on Mechanics Corner as well.
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