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Carbs flooding Gas Pouring out etc.. Here is your fix

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I had a tough time tracking this problem down as you can see in this thread http://www.kawasakimotorcycle.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2365

But here is your fix

The flooding problem with gas pissing out of the carbs is caused by the float needles not seating properly, most likely from rust in the tank seeping into the float bowls and lodging up in there.

I would suggest to clean the tank, all fuel lines, fuel inlets on carb, fuel filter, petcock, float bowls, and the needles to solve this problem.

You can solve it by just cleaning the carbs but most likely it will come back very fast since there is still rust in the tank.

You should feel the want to clean the tank anyway if you have this problem since the rust will only stop up your fuel filter and rob you of power by causing your engine to run lean.

After that I would mix a small amount of oil in with the gas (follow standard 2 stroke premix directions for this, I know your motor is a 4 stroke) on your last run of the summer to help lube up the tank, this wont harm the motor or carbs but will mean you will need to change your plugs the following year which you should do anyway.

If you still skeptical here is some food for though, I have owned, drove, and raced rx7's for over 6 years and they inject oil directly into the motor to keep it lubed.
They do this constantly without you even knowing its happening, this is mainly because of the design of the engine but it just goes to show it wont harm anything.
Alot of people even opt to ditch the oil injection system all together in fear it might fail and not inject oil.
These people pour the oil right in their gas tank every single fill up and it harms nothing.

Also give MMO a shot (marvel mystery oil) try to make a habbit of using it as directed once every other month, or at least once a year.

If your bike is driven all year round I wouldnt worry about oiling it up too much since it would take a while for the tank to rust back up, but MMO is your freind. Make a habbit of using it once a year.

You can also try products such as seafoam, I once did a write up on seafoam aft (automatic trans fluid) and mmo (marvel mystery oil) and seafoam will clean the best if you want to knock some of the carbon deposits out of your motor, but MMO can be used in your fuel and oil or dumped directly into the motor and its tried and true on piston motors.

If this still doesnt do the trick or you are having other problems post here and I will do my best to help you out.

Please dont p.m. with questions because everyone wont see the individual fixes for each problem.
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I've still got gas leaking into my air box after hooking the vaccuum hose up from the petcock to the carbs, and i've cleaned the carbs thuroughly. . . more than once to clear up all the problems i've been having. . . and everything is clean and shiny. I suppose the only thing is that my needles aren't adjusted correctly with my floats. How and exactly what should i adjust to make my needles stop the gas flow better?
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Everything in the carbs is cleaned thuroughly, i promise. All hoses are hooked up now. I'm pretty sure the only thing it could be is the floats/needles. We may have thrown them off when we first cleaned the carbs. . . thx though for the info on approx settings.
I actually think my dad chipped off the tip of one of the needles where the float hits it, so that one could be the only problem, but i'm pretty sure they are all leaking, from what i see of wetness in the air box. Theres nothing in the floats, we made sure to check that out, and everything else is clean in there i'm sure.
What vent tubes are you talking about, on the air box? on the carbs? not sure what you mean.
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On the carbs, as pictured in the diagram, the outer two vaccuum tubes are hooked up to the main vaccuum system. One is hooked up to the petcock, and the other is capped, which is what it was when i got it. . . should it be uncapped or something. I'm not a mechanic here, so i'm just saying it how it is on all this stuff, relatively new to the field of motorcycles and only know the shadetree stuff my dad has taught me.
Aye mega, thats how the carbs are set up, i know those two vent nipples you're talking about now, they are uncapped and do not have a hose going anywhere, 1 and 4 have the vaccuum hoses on it, 2 has the petcock hose, and 3 is capped on the vaccuum nipples. We ordered a set of needles today, since one is deffinately screwed up, and we'll take the carbs off and set them again i suppose.
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