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Hi people,

i am a student from india we are pursuing a formula student project. Last year it went very well. Thanks to green is best!

We ran a 2001 kawasaki zx6 engine with single carb (being a restriction). Now we are planning to convert it to EFI system. I was thinking of using the same fuel rail of kawasaki post 2003(EFI versions) considering that the post 2003 throttle bodies may be equidistant from each other or each cylinder. (i hope i am clear)but i have found out that the bore and stroke have changed
for zx 600 K1 It is 67.0 *42.5 and in our version it is 64 and 46.6. Does that mean that some casting has been changed or just bore has increased?

If you guys can throw some light. I can send the measurements of distance between each carb if anybody can verify with 2003 zx 600K1 throttle bodies it would be very nice.

Thanks in advance

Aman Narwal
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