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I have been searching all day and I can't remember the thread or find it anywhere, but it was one that had a link to show how the choke cable was re-routed and placed right at the crack between the seat and tank. Does anyone remember where that is, or if you did it, could you provide me the link to the write-up/how-to? It would be greatly appreciated. :mrgreen:
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96 vn900 aint that fuel injected like the 97, if so it does not have a choke
There was no VN900 in '96 or '97... and all 800's are carb'd with a choke.

The EFI models (at least the 1500/1600 do, not sure about the 900/2000) have a high-idle adjuster that uses the conventional choke knob and it referred to as a choke, but really all it is is a throttle stop.
sorry i read 96 800 but brain prossesed it as 06 900 (dont drink eggnog before posting things like this happen) lol
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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