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Strange. I ordered a new fender rail for my 1600 classic from mean cycles.com, first time ive ever dealt with them since they had the best price.
I get the rail and the underside is pitting a little in a few spots, almost like a defect. This is the MC enterprises by the way.

I speak to mean cycles and they said no problem, ship it back. They even credited me the shipping on my paypal account which was great. I ask them to check the new one before they ship it. They call me to tell me they got another in and its even worse than the one they sent me. WTF is with these manufacturers?

they gave me a choice, take the better one back and they will let me see if it gets worse within a year and will have MC ship me one directly, or refund/exchange. It's not noticeable since its on the underside of the fender rail, and i really wanted this piece so i opted to take it back. Does this happen alot with chrome parts? This is the first part ive bought in a few years like this.

If i took the chance and had them order another i felt confident it woulda been the same crap. :confused:
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