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Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

I wanted to attend this show for several years, but always had something come up that would keep me from attending the New York City Stop of their Show.

This year I realized that their show had a stop in Greenville SC! Somehow I missed that it stopped there in years past. Since my parents moved down there several years ago, I decided to make the road trip to both see them and the show at the same time!

The show was nice imho! Plenty of vendors and stuff to look at. I picked up a GMax Helmet for $100.00, since I read a very positive review of them on webbikeworld a while ago (I wanted a lid for hot weather that flowed a LOT of air). So that saved me a few bucks, and allowed me to try them on for proper sizing (FYI... I wear a HJC XL, which translated into a GMax XXL Size btw).

The Suzuki area had Kevin Schwantz as a special guest, which was very cool! They also has plenty of posters, key lanyards, and keychains for the taking. I wanted to get a picture of me and Kevin together, but was told that photographs were a no go. :(

Ducati had their stunt riders doing their show inside.... on concrete that was sprayed with some sort of 'sticky soda pop/pancake syrup' in an attempt to provide 'some traction'. It apparently didn't work too well, with one of their riders at the first show hitting one of the buildings poles. Looks like he broke his Collarbone and/or Shoulder from the impact. OUCH! This picture is from a show later in the day:

I was checking out the Yamaha WR450F with my Dad, who just couldn't believe how far motorcycles had come technology wise in the past 15 years (he hung up his helmet back then). I managed to get a nice, semi close-up picture of it.

Although I've only had my Ninja 500 for two years, it never hurts to do some "sitting time" on a Ninja 650R for comparison (for a future purchase)! BTW, the Ninja 650R has a WAY more comfortable bar position (both higher and farther back than the Ninja 500). It's seat is also more comfortable. Seat to Peg distance is good for my 5' 10" frame with 32 Inch Inseam.

I would say that show turnout was pretty good. At least a few thousand people there on Saturday. I will be going to it again next year for sure! :cool:


BTW... guess what was the funniest thing at the show???

BMW Showing off their new S1000R Sportbike with No Flyers for their entire 2010 Motorcycle Lineup! I'd like to mention for the people that don't know that BMW has a manafacturing plant IN Greenville. Talking out a major screwup on their part!
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