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Clunking sound after revving engine

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Hi I have a 95 vulcan en500A and recently while riding I revved up through a couple of gears and then slowed down at a stop light. As the bike revved down I hear a clunking noise that sounded like it came from the head of the engine. When I got home I tried to get the bike to do it again and I couldn't get it to. Since then it has done it on occasion. It seems like it only does it when I decelerate and on the down side of a Rev. Any clue what it could be?
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Yes, a straight pipe will burn exhaust valves. It may take thousands of miles or even tens of thousands of miles but lack of back pressure allows valves to burn.

I am not too familiar with your bike, but if it has a decompressor, then that could be the source of your clunking noise.

I agree, get the factory service manual so you can learn how to check and adjust your valves and study how the decompressor functions (if so equipped).
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