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clutch lever travel keeps changing on me??

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normally my clutch doesn't engage until i've let out the lever about 3/4 of the way. sometimes it changes on me though, like flipping a switch, so that it engages immediately as soon as i start to let it out (about 1/4 of the way or less). it will stay like this for a little while, then it will go back to normal.

anybody got any idea what could be causing this? i wonder if it's something with the linkage or if its the clutch itself. i had a new one put in a couple of months back. i suspect they didn't put it together correctly...
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Cable slack? Tighten it loosen it? I adjust my clutch lever to my specs. Bring it back to shop.
yeah my cable is adjusted fine too. someone else said that clutches do that when they heat up and then when they cool down they go back to normal... i don't know about that. i put 18k miles on my first clutch and never noticed anything like this. i'll test that theory out here in a minute when i leave for lunch. when i got here this morning it was acting up.
Here in the colder mornings my clutch engages sooner than when the air and bike are warmer. I would expect that has something to do with the oil thickness in different temperatures?
nah, i've been paying attention to the temperature and it has nothing to do with the problem. it seems to be totally random. you can be riding along and then just like you've flipped a switch the clutch engages differently. it seems to have two positions. normally it's 3/4 the way out, and then it'll go to about 1/4 of the way out. i can park the bike and let it cool - get back on the next day even, and the clutch will engage in the same position as when i left it. I'm convinced the idiots at the shop put it together wrong. they guy even said to me, "whoever put the last clutch in put it in wrong, it was misassembled." bull****. that was the original clutch from kawasaki. i got 18k miles out of it just fine. i think it was proly still fine when i had it replaced even. the real problem at that time was a tranny issue. what that tells me is the guy put the **** back together differently than how it came from the factory, which is obviously wrong. i still haven't done the tranny job. i have to replace the 2nd gear this winter when i'm not riding. i'll check out the clutch then. i'll never let another grease monkey get his hands on my bike again. thanks for the reply though.
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oops. well if i had known the whole story, I wouldnt have made my suggestion...


Still, it will be interesting to see what this ends up being.
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