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i got a 96 zx6e... how do i tell when clutch is worn out, rpms dont slip at all, and it grabs pretty good.... but sometimes when i downshift, or when im getting on it from 3d to 4th, it'll grind a little bit......... all you gotta do is drain the oil and pop that cover off, then those 5 bolts or how ever many, right?
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I don't think the problem you're seeing would be from a bad clutch. It COULD be from a misadjusted clutch.

First, make sure you're shifting firmly between those gears. By the way, my original 94 motor in my ZX6E had a false neutral between third and fourth and I would hit it every now and then if I didn't shift firmly between those gears.

Another item to check is to make sure that the clutch is disengaging completely when you pull the lever all the way in. If it's not, you would probably have a bit of trouble getting it from neutral to first and first to second as well. If you find that the lever is misadjusted, it is easy to adjust it.
nemethjames1 said:
yea ive tried messing with adjustments, got it a lil better, but not great.. prolly just tired transmission
Make sure you're not doing lazy shifting. Look at the shifter repositioning thread on www.zx6e.com. It may help your situation as well.
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